On Demand-Maximo Mobile App Development

Jantacare highly skilled, innovative established Maximo/SCCD/ICD technical and functional consultants who are helping mobility team to develop On Demand - Maximo Mobile custom add-on mobile products specifically designed for MAXIMO/SCCD which provisions to create tickets (SR, Incidents, and Problems) ,route workflows , offerings, Change, Assets, Work Orders, Purchase Orders etc., in different MAXIMO flavours. 


Developed custom mobile add-on products may include following features or more:

  • Create ,Query, Update Tickets(SR, Incident ,Problem)
  • Show Ticket detail
  • Able to Add/View attachments
  • Tickets pending approvals with team
  • Single/bulk workflow assignments routing
  • Service Offering Catalog workflow approvals and see its details
  • Team Tickets Assignments details and re-assignments
  • Able to see Change, Release, Asset, Work Order, Purchase, PR and other applications details and able to workflows assignment routing/approvals.
  • Auto message Notifications for severity tickets
  • Real time approval for all workflows assignments
  • Tickets Feedback and Survey
  • And many more as per custom requirements.

May Include Security feature like below or more:

  • Only Maximo/SCCD users would be able to login into custom Mobile Add-on app with their own Maximo/SCCD credentials.
  • Would be provision for Second factor Mobile Number) authentication.
  • AES, DES RSA Encrypted techniques would be use to protect while data transmission over HTTP/HTTPS.