Mobile Application Development

To provide measurable Mobility Development/Product Development/Support and services to Small, Medium and Large Businesses by constantly evolving with the latest Technology & solutions. Our definite intention is to deliver highest value for money to our clients, up-beating the global standards and commitment.



The lifecycle of mobile development approach we follow is largely no different than the SDLC for web or desktop applications and are usually 5 major portions of the process:

  • Inception – All apps start with an idea. That idea is usually refined into a solid basis for an application.
  • Design – The design phase consists of defining the app’s User Experience (UX) such as what the general layout is, how it works, etc., as well as turning that UX into a proper User Interface (UI) design, usually with the help of a graphic designer.
  • Development – Usually the most resource intensive phase, this is the actual building of the application.
  • Stabilization – When development is far enough along, QA usually begins to test the application and bugs are fixed. Often times an application will go into a limited beta phase in which a wider user audience is given a chance to use it and provide feedback and inform changes.
  • Deployment